Welcome to BHE Self-Storage

Self-Storage Units in Strensall York

Who are we?

Simon Dunn trading as BHE  has been farming Strensall Common since 1994. We have built up the farming side to include cattle and sheep running not only on Strensall Common but also on the Stray land round York.

Storage Units Front ViewBHE Self-Storage currently have new self storage-containers based at Strensall, near York, in North Yorkshire. BHE Self-Storage offers low cost, secure self-storage for both domestic and business customers. With our man living on site we are able to provide personal friendly service plus ensure the security of your property.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is the direct storage by individuals and companies of goods in their own exclusively occupied, self contained, secured spaces within a complex. In essence, it’s your own tailored secure space away from home or the business.

Put simply … If you value it, we can store it!

The “self” bit is important. Customers must get their own goods to the storage facility, put their own goods into the container and lock them in with their own padlock.